Take Steps to Help Ensure Your Company Is Delivering on its Promises

Here's a simple way to check and see if your company is fulfilling its promises.

Print out the following questionnaire and ask all employees, except your sales staff, to complete it. Analyze the results and — if needed — come up with a way to revise your sales process.

Do We Follow Through on Our Sales Promises?

1. Do you think all employees are familiar with our company's sales pitches for every product and service?

____ Yes ____ No

2. How well does the sales department communicate customers' needs to the rest of the company?

____ Extremely well. We have written communications and meetings, when necessary, so that salespeople can convey individual customer's needs.

____ Very well. We rarely have miscommunications about what our customers need.

____ Adequately. We have occasional miscommunications.

____ Inadequately. We often have miscommunications.

3. Do salespeople create difficulties for employees in other departments?

____ Yes ____ No

If yes, please specify what the difficulties are:


4. Does the sales department correctly complete necessary sales documents on a timely basis?

____ Yes, always ____ Usually ____ Sometimes ____ Never

5. Does the sales department handle customer complaints promptly and satisfactorily?

____ Yes, always ____ Usually ____ Sometimes ____ Never

6. Does the sales department have a good reputation within your department?

____ Yes, very good ____ Good ____ Okay ____ No

7. From your experience, do our customers have a favorable impression of our sales department?

____ Yes, very good ____ Good ____ Okay ____ No ____ Don't know

8. Any additional suggestions on how we can improve customer service and fulfill all our promises? Thank you for your help.


For more information about improving your company's process, see our previous article, Turn More Salespeople into Superstars.

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